Classes / Workshops
The above & right photos are from the
Cynthia Massey Parsons' Workshop at
Alabama Art Supply
Birmingham, AL

On-Going Studio Art Class Sessions
Adults & Children

Cynthia Massey Parsons
E mail:
Wednesdays & Fridays
11:30-2:30 / $45 per lesson

Classes are conducted as individual studies.
Students work in Oils, Watercolors, Pastels, Graphite simultaneously.
Their subjects range from Landscapes to Portraits to Still Life.
Come join us!

Mixed Media Colorscapes Classes
Alabama Art Supply; Birmingham, Alabama
Cynthia Massey Parsons
Classes 2011 - 1:00-4:00, $50
Thursday Afternoons
One Hour Class Poems & Art
Thanksgiving Razzle Dazzle - Nov 2006

The Turkeys' Dinner Party

Danna the Turkey
Is coming for Dinner.
Thomas the Turkey
Is already here.

There's every reason
To believe
This is going to be
A  very great Year!

Fixins & Trimmings
Will be all around
The Thanksgiving table
Will surely abound.

Goodies & Treats
Will be ours to enjoy.
The company of friends
Is better than a toy!

Addie-Katherine, Trey, & Cynthia
Tom Turkey

Tommy Tom Tom
The Terrific Turkey
Met a new friend
Named Turkey Turkey Tom Trace.

To our great surprise
They had nothing to fear.
For everyone knew
This would be a great year.

One person, then two
Then three and four
All come to our family's
Decorated front door.

They all came inside
To see a lot more,
For they knew for sure
That no one would be bored.

Games & toys and
Dolls & more
All were strewn
About the floor.

Delighted and happy
With so much more
Everyone felt
They were quite adored.

Thanksgiving Day
Was a happy event.
When everyone ate
Til they were quite spent!

Tori, Trace, and Cynthia

Cynthia Massey Parsons

Learn to Draw & Paint - Art Lessons
Adults & Children / All Mediums

Mondays - Private Lessons &
Paintings & Pinots at Wine Rack - 1st & 3rd Mon.

Wednesdays – Studio Art Classes

Thursdays – Birmingham Art Museum &
Alabama Art Supply

Fridays – Studio Art Classes; Private & Group Lessons

Saturdays & Evenings – Workshops, Party Paint-A-Longs,
& Birthday Parties scheduled upon request.
in Watercolor with
Artist Cynthia Massey Parsons

Every class is a different painting subject at the


The one-session class is $45.

You’ll leave with a Masterpiece!

Beginners  Intermediates
You don’t need to know how to draw.
You’ll learn watercolor brushwork as you and Parsons paint along.

For information email:
Ms. Parsons at 256-520-2360, Hobby Lobby Class
More Class
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Fred Simpson
Colton & Rachael
Hobby Lobby
Alabama Art Supply


Experimental Mixed Media Colorscapes
5 Thursdays
1:00-4:00 p.m.

Featuring:  NEW Open Acrylic Medium by Golden.  Allows acrylic
paint to be used like watercolor, traditionally, or as oils!

Pick your favorite subject landscape, seascape or cityscape and
create a work of art. Painting styles from flamboyant
expressionism to realistic will be explored.  Mixing mediums and
collage will be demonstrated Learn to create depth and add
dimension in a whole new way using your choice of
media.  Beginner to advanced level students are welcome.

Instructor:  Cynthia Massey Parsons
Students & Their Art.
2005, 6, 7
Antique Decoy
Redbird Arrangement
© parsons 2008
© parsons 2008
© parsons 2008
Bluebird Arrangement
© parsons 2008
Paint-A-Longs at
Alabama Art Supply
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Thursday Afternoons
Alabama Art Supply
1:00 - 4:00
Oils, Watercolors, &
Mixed Media
205-322-4741, 800-749-4741

Open Studio Classes
in all mediums & subjects
Alabama Art Supply
Birmingham, AL

$50 per session

Beginners Welcome!

1006 23rd Street South
Birmingham, AL 35205

Thursday Mornings 9:30-12:30
Thursday Afternoons 1:00-4:00

Call 205-322-4741, 800-749-4741
Sexy Shoes
Wine Rack
October 3, 2016
Parsons' Starry Night Over
One Day Watercolor Workshop at
Birmingham Art Museum
Sat, February 27, 2016
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